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Social Services

Social Services

United Community Center of Westchester,Inc.(UCCW) provides critical resources that bring health care, education, food, refuge and emergency assistance to help those in need.  We strive to give a voice to the Westchester County community to assure that basic human necessities are provided for its most vulnerable clients. Our staff is dedicated in finding solutions to our client’s need, we believe, everyone should have access to the best services. We analyze each individual case carefully and professionally in order to direct our clients in obtaining the resources and services they are entitle to, with the objective of empowering our clients and their families to lead a more enhanced community life. 

  • Emergency food donation /SNAP application assistance
  • Health Insurance Enrollment assistance
  • Domestic Violence Support Services
  • Senior Citizen Assistance
  • Eviction Prevention & Relocation Assistance
  • Home Goods donation
  • Disability Benefit Application Assistance
  • Affordable Housing Application Assistance
  • Unemployment application assistance and Job placement assistance

 UCCW clearly recognizes the importance of connecting and joining forces with outside agencies as an integral part of providing this much-needed support system. 

This is accomplished by liaisons with , Hospitals, County Offices, Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, Housing Authorities and others Community Based Agencies.